Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's going on....

So this week there is no sewing going on at the house - why? It was past time for the sewing machine to have a cleaning and tune-up! I finished sewing up some bags and then packed up the Elna to take over to Intown Quilters (see link on the side-bar). They have a deal with a local place that does cleanings and repairs on sewing machines. I haven't heard from them since I dropped off my baby so I'm hoping that everything is going along well with the cleaning. My elna was my mothers' - she gave it to me several years ago and I've loved sewing with it. When I took it in to IQ one of the ladies recognized the carry case and then praised the machine - she had apparently had one years ago and loved it :) I had been a bit nervous about dropping her off, but with those comments I knew everything would be OK.

So instead of filling my day with sewing I've been trying to do some other things around the house - I cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the office - YAY!! And Sunday evening I did some cooking... I'll do a separate post for that because I have a bunch of photos to go with that post too.

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