Monday, November 17, 2008

It's been a long summer.

It's been a long, long summer - almost too much to talk about really. Lots of icky personal drama which is resolving itself now, the biggest thing is that my hours got cut back at Dad's Garage, so now I'm only doing the book-keeping (which is fun - really!) but it's not cutting paying the bills... and with the economy being the way it is, I've not had any luck finding a new job and I'm still looking.

Anyway, there has been some knitting, but with the depressing summer, not very much... I did go into Knitch the other day and had knitting group with everyone which was lots of fun. Regan (evilsciencechick) was there showing off a cute hat that was too small for her - somehow it landed on my head, and all of a sudden I have a cute new hat!!

felicity beret

Also, you might note, I am wearing a shrug I knit this summer - the Dream in Color Classy Shrug - I used Knit1Crochet2 Temptation, so it was a stash-buster for me...

This past week has been a busy knitting one for me - I've knit a pair of Fetchings for my grandmother and I do have to knit another pair for my great-aunt Irene.

fetchings for gram

They live in the same assisted living facility and I'm going to knit exactly the same ones for auntie Irene.... so they won't be jealous of each others' presents!

Also, I cast-off a baby surprise jacket last night. It does still need to be seamed up, but I've a photo of it:

bsj #1

I do have to knit another one of these as well - they're commissioned works and I need to finish them up....

Lots of knitting to be done before Christmas - I need to knit up some presents for the family, but my plan is hopefully to have some quick knits and I'll get them done in time....

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be keeping the blog updated in a more regular fashion. Talk to you soon!