Friday, January 25, 2008

FO Friday

Well, I finally finished Leslye's Hedera's and she loves them bunches! I did actually take pictures, but of course, they're still ON the camera... ooops! In other news, I have been knitting pretty industriously on my u-neck vest from fitted knits and unless things go awry, I may actually even finish it this weekend! Then onto the second sock for E., and then who knows....

I did join the Mission Possible 2008 group on ravelry, and once I finish the vest, I'll actually have knocked out 3 of the 12 projects! With MP2008, you list 12 projects that you want to try and finish by 12/31/08... so I feel pretty good so far with my list, although it did take me a week or two to figure it out....

Here's a picture I owe you guys of E's Fuzzy Feet - in action!

erics fuzzy feet

Not exactly the best picture ever, but he loves them!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Day!!

Oh my goodness - I thought things got crazy here when it rained - but apparently that's nothing compared to when it snows! E. said something about "water-soluble intelligence" when we spoke and he's definitely right about that! And just to prove it - a picture:

snow 013

This is at work at probably 4:30 or so - and as of right now, it's still snowing... they're predicting rain for the morning, so it won't last, but I'll enjoy it for the evening.

And a work in progress photo for you of the Hedera's. I cast on the second sock probably Thursday or Friday and picked up the gusset stitches yesterday - it's amazing the knitting you can do when you're actually PAST your deadline!

hedera progress 0116 (1)

And one last photo - a very belated one of E's fuzzy feet.... I am happy to say he wears them all the time! I may even have to knit some for me!

erics fuzzy feet (1)

And - Friday even more pictures.... I can't believe it either!

Friday, January 11, 2008

FO Friday

OK - I meant to post on Wednesday but work exploded all over me and kind of disrupted that idea... but since I am posting today - I also present actual photographic proof! Go me!

1 FO manly

I give you ONE finished Manly Sock. I know it's not a pair - but at least one is finished, right? And this would be the other thing that exploded onto me. I finished this one up, kitchenered the toe and then realized I wasn't going to have enough to finish the second one. Luckily, I called Brooks Farm and they actually had ONE more skein of this yarn and as of this morning it *should* be on it's way to me.... and if not today then I'm sure they'll send it out on Monday.



Some finished washcloths! All from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book - I actually worked on these probably about a year ago and NEVER wove in the ends! Well I did that on Wednesday and now I can really call them FINISHED! YAY!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Bet you thought I forgot.... well, I almost did (and then I had to have a bowl of sorbet).... So here is the very most recent progress pic of the very manly socks....

manly sock progress 0102

I turned the heel yesterday and picked up the gusset stitches today and will hopefully get some real progress done on this sock... E gets back home on Sunday and it would be great to be able to give him his first sock (of the pair). He did call last night and told me he was very glad to have his felted slippers with him! Apparently KC is quite cold right now.

It's pretty cold here in the ATL as well - I'm pretty sure it didn't get above 32F today, and if they said it did, well they LIED! Cause it was DAMN COLD! Luckily tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer and we'll be back to 60F this weekend... It'll be awesome!