Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project Bags

I've been spending time (and my fabric stash) sewing sock knitting project bags. They're approximately 8" deep and 5x5" across the bottom. Here are a few photos of the finished products.



And I've opened up an etsy store where you can view even more photos and purchase the bags! It's OliviaKnits of course! I am planning on making some zippered bags and larger totes as well but since the sock projects are near and dear to my heart I started with those ones first.


Anonymous said...

I < heart > my little daisy bag, and have to hide it from a certain young knitter....

: ) Nell

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt Tina sent me one of your bags. I am a maniac sock addicted knitting maven and a social worker. We have a volunteer knitting group that comes to my clinic twice a month to teach patients how to knit and donate needles and yarn. I showed them my lovely bags and they went WILD. Your bags are incredible...keep going!