Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year FO's and new projects!

Hey everyone,
I have 2 FO's for you already. The first is a pair of socks - Elfine Socks


drying over the rack as I finished them on Saturday (and wore them to Knitch to show off on Sunday) - I began these socks in July 2007. I know, such a slacker.... I totally blame the other shiny knitted objects I have finished. Also the lace pattern is quite similar to the Titania Socks and I got very bored. They are knit toe up with a short row heel and I'm happy with them even though I did have to fiddle around with needle size because they took so darn long to finish.

FO the second - the February Lady Sweater -

Also drying on the rack - I do still have to attach the buttons, but that's it! Also, so you know, there are sleeves, I just tucked them underneath the rack so the weight of the damp sleeves wouldn't stretch out. Three weeks from start to finish - crazy!

Also - I have just joined the LimeNViolet Sock Marathon 2009, running February 1 through August .... (psst - and I'm a mod for the group too!) So here is my burning shame:

Sock Yarn

That's all my sock yarn laid out in a single layer on my bed.... over 30,500 yards of it... and as a disclaimer, this does include both fingering weight and sport weight yarn bought *specifically* for socks. I plan on knitting at least 6 pairs of socks this year and hopefully a few other things that will use up a lot of this stash.


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Wow! That's a lot of sock yarn.

Daniele said...

Holy cow girl! LOVE the sock yarn!!! :)