Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Titania's Revenge

Yes - this one is finished.... but the other one isn't! And it's really not much to look at since I just cast on last night and worked on it for exactly 5 minutes or so.

And now - Back to SAFF!
I had such a great time at SAFF this year. Mom has decided that we might go to Maryland Sheep and Wool next year or the year after if I can get the time off. She went this past year and had a great time. But we should definitely talk about my haul from SAFF...

boy and girl sock yarn

I bought this ACERO at the Brooks Farm booth - it's so yummy! The blue on the left is for E. and the rusty one is for me. Usually I buy pinks/reds, and I decided I needed to step out of the comfort zone.

pretty fiber

Staying firmly in the comfort zone! This will be great fiber to spin - it's a corriedale blend that I'm going to save up for once I'm past the super-beginner stage.

schwag closeup

And even more fiber! The natural is from the Ozark Mill booth and was incredibly cheap - it's a wool/alpaca blend so it's really soft too! The pink fiber is Lorna's Laces that Aimee bought me for my birthday along with the spinning basket to hang on my new wheel.

And because I just need to stretch it out, I'll post about my winnings from the Lupus Raffle next time... they're pretty awesome, although not quite as great as Christi's.....

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turtlegirl76 said...

I won some Wendy, I won some Wendy.

Don't save the pretty. Spin it. That's what'll get you going. Or take some of that natural stuff and kool-aid dye it. Seriously - watching the colors work into each other and stuff - really helps.