Friday, November 16, 2007


OK - today you will be getting the infamous "2fer" - as in two posts for the price of 1... YAY!

First - a finished object!

finished titania (3)

Pattern: Titania by Cookie A. - part of the Blue Moon Sock Club 2006
Yarn: Titania's Revenge (BMFA)
Mods: None - but I did have to knit the left sock twice. My gauge was too tight the first time through.
Notes: Nifty pattern - it shows off the variegated yarn really well although I may knit these again in a slightly less colorful version!

Second - a new work in progress!

hedera progress (2)

Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A. off
Yarn: Pagewood Farms Sock in Meadow
Notes: I started these directly after finishing the Titanias and since my last finished socks were a pair of Monkeys, well apparently I am feeling the love for Cookie A..

I am not sure how much I'll be posting next week, I leave to drive to Virginia Beach to stay with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday and I don't know how much computer time I'll have next week. So, have a save and happy holiday and eat and be happy!


turtlegirl76 said...

Great socks!

Have a great holiday!

The Chickengoddess said...

Have a wonderful time, I'm glad I got to fondle your socks last night. Yeah, there's no way I could say that to make it not sound wrong.

Zonda said...

Love those colorful socks! Have a great holiday! :)