Friday, December 7, 2007

While I was gone...

Many things happened, including the breaking of the intarweb! So sorry for the delay in posting, but sometimes it's hard to get back in the swing of things! While I was gone there was a week-long trip home and of course getting used to being back at work. This is going to be a pretty short & boring (i.e. picture-free) post as I didn't take ANY pictures while at the homestead and haven't taken pictures of the birthday yarn either. I am not sure when exactly that will happen as my camera is currently at home and I am not right now as in addition to breaking the intarweb, the furnace at my house is broken as well and it's too cold in the house to stay there for very long. I know I could just take my stash out of storage and keep warm underneath it, but why do that when I can stay with my boy? Hopefully the furnace will be fixed soon, not that I mind staying with E., but I miss my stuff (and my stash).
I know you must be curious about the breaking of the internets, so here goes.... I was checking in on Ravelry the other morning (at E's house) and all of a sudden, the browser quits working. I was using Firefox on his Mac, so it was quite surprising - and he couldn't get things to work at all. Finally, he called the cable company and they diagnosed the problem as being located in his modem - but it was just the joke of the day that not only did I break the furnace at the house, but also his modem (and it's located in a totally different room). YAY - go me!
It's really busy at the theatre right now - we're totally in the swing of the Scientology Pageant ( so things are slightly crazy - but I wouldn't have it any other way! If you're local, it's definitely a totally awesome alternative to the traditional seasonal offerings - and where else can you see children singing and dancing and telling you the history of L.Ron Hubbard?

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