Saturday, December 22, 2007

So busy!

I totally meant to post the WIP's I had for this week - and then I got sucked into Jury Duty for 2 days, and that kind of screwed up my week and my plans... but I do have a few pictures and things to show you from the past couple of weeks!

First off - it's the pre-felted bucket hat, and pre-felted fuzzy feet - I am hoping to get this and E's slippers felted on Monday (yes I know I'm pushing it with Christmas and all, but I can't do it any sooner!

fbhat FO1

fuzzy feet progress

crap - just realized that I only have the progress photo of the slippers and not the finished product, but I swear it's finished, just not felted yet!

And I also have pictures of the Airy Scarf I knitted as well - it was a present for one of my bosses and she requested that it be a scarf and she wanted it to match her glasses....


Last of all is the photo of all the goodies I got from my scarf exchange partner on Ravelry - Gilneas! I got SO many good things and my scarf is super gorgeous! It's ArtYarns Regal Silk (I think - my label is back at home.... I'm a bad blogger!) Anyway - I love everything in my box!

scarf exchange6

And that's it for now - I'm still trying to work on things for Christmas, but I pretty much know I won't finish, so I am trying to not give up on working on them at all!

Merry Christmas!!


kevin said...

ok fat albert

The Chickengoddess said...

That hat looks good on you!;)

I will be at Knitch after New Year. I have your gift ready if you will be there. Let me know.

adam brown said...

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