Saturday, June 7, 2008

Because last week didn't suck at all...

My blogless room-mate Leslye shattered her right kneecap tonight at our opening night of the World Premiere of "Song of the Living Dead: The Musical".... and had to be taken to the hospital right after intermission... (the show went really well otherwise - we were totally sold out, it was awesome, and the audience JUMPED to their feet for a standing ovation at the end of the show.)

Anyone want to sage my house??

But on the other hand.... my mom sent me some "thinking of you socks" for all my troubles last week... I don't have a picture yet, but hopefully tomorrow, I'll get one... or maybe two and post them.

On the other hand... or perhaps foot... I do have a FO for you...


Pattern: Ampersand
Yarn: Socks that Rock - mediumweight in Eggplanted for a shop sample for KNITCH!
Magic Loop on Addi size 3's.

Offhand I can't remember anything else, I may have to check my notes. It was a super quick knit and an easy pattern - I may have to make a pair for me someday.

OK - now I'm done.... must off to bed - there's work to go to tomorrow.



funfairiegirl said...

WTF!!! Poor L! At least she doesn't HAVE to come upstairs much - unless she wants food.

Claire said...

You are in a play about Zombies? That's awesome!! Love the socks too! :)

Amorina said...

You write very well.