Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FO's - no pictures...

OK - So I've finally finished a few things, and because I am SUPER lazy, I took no pictures, maybe tomorrow... I just got excited about finishing things off!

Finished - the everlasting bagstopper! Super easy summer knit.... I sewed in the ends and then drawstringed the ribbon... I like the ease of drawstrings and couldn't find my sewing thread, so I took the easy way out! The knitting has been finished for a while, and I couldn't stand it looking at me 95% finished, so I finished it off tonight!

Also finished - 1 Azure sock (pattern from Knitty)... knit out of Panda Silk, this one lonely sock is a shop sample for Knitch. If I can't make it by tomorrow, I know I'll be by there on Sunday for knitting, and I'll take it with me then. No modifications and it's pretty cute. Not sure if it was the best match between the pattern and the yarn, but gosh darn it - it's finished! Ends woven in and everything.

I also spent a good 2 hours on the phone with my mom giving her a good intro to Ravelry (she's FairSea02 over there)... she's had an account there, but got a new job in late winter/early spring and hadn't had any time to do anything there, so we got a project entered and went here and there and I think she may have even joined a group or two! By the time we were finished I was pretty tired, but obviously, I still had enough energy to get some things out of the way....

Also I must say that my thoughts are with Claudia (BavGirl on ravelry) this week... she had been working in Germany and found out her husband had a heart attack and passed, and had to come home to take care of everything. I cannot imagine her grief during this time... she did post that she's still not quite sure what the final plans are going to be, she's waiting for some of his family to arrive to make the final details. Claudia, my thoughts are with you.

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